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Born in Nishinomiya and grew up in Okayama and Hiroshima.
My parents run a sushi shop, but I dislike sushi.
I worked for a television station photographer, house agency, issued regional information paper, and worked on advertisements.

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When I lived in Hiroshima, I was a photographer enrolled in production. The shooting equipment is the video, but there is a reputation for the steel shooting of the food. After that, he gained experience of management of various industries with a house agency of a large company and returned home 18 years ago. A year later, I started an advertising agency that publishes regional information magazines, and I ran for 13 years.

In response to the experience experienced at that time, under the auspices of paperless, we will make a transition to the business mainly based on the current WEB and will reach the present. Regarding the homepage, we adopted the media earlier than any regional information magazine, and raised the appeal power of information magazines. In addition, we adopted diversified distribution paths such as newspaper folding and street distribution, and searched for sales promotion routes suitable for each industry from various angles. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning an entrepreneurial planning or a store opening plan. We will propose the best and best strategy.

私が広島に住んでいたとき、私はプロダクションに所属のカメラマンでした。撮影はビデオですが、料理の撮影には定評があります。その後、18年前に大手企業のハウスエージェンシーで様々な業種の企画経験を積んで帰郷しました。 1年後、私は地域情報紙を発行する広告代理店を立ち上げ、13年間経営して参りました。



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